Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buy Beamer How To Derestrict A Eton Beamer Matrix 50cc Scooter? (2005)?

How to derestrict a Eton Beamer Matrix 50cc scooter? (2005)? - buy beamer

I want to find a "box of CDI, the green wire that is in general circulation. Where is it?" I am not under the lighthouse or anywhere has. I have also heard somethign with the exhaust? Are there other ways to go faster (no need to update songs buy)

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MotoMan said...

Since it has only 1.5 kilowatts, to start, not only as a bicycle would be larger. You can try to open the muffler with a drill or punch inside. You can remove the lid of the airbox or cut some big holes on the sides.

Everything else costs money for after-market parts. High flow exhaust and air filter, then a jet-set and steering optimized and belts.

CDI ignition system for a short discharge capacitor. It could build a rev limiter in the box will not change but the cutting or removal of cables, the rev limiter. The CDI is in the vicinity of the engine, probably in the vicinity of the battery. Then you start looking under the seat and side panels around the engine.

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